Vairocana Buddha Thangka Painting-毘盧遮那佛


Material used = Cotton canvas, natural pigment, 24k gold leaf

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Vairocana Tibetan Thangka Painting is handpainted by Thangka Artist in Nepal on cotton canvas with natural colors. Buddha Vairochana is regarded as one of the five Dhyani Buddha in Nepalese-Tibetan Buddhism. He represents the cosmic element of Rupa (form). His two hands are held against the chest with the tips of the thumbs and forefingers of each hand united. This mudra is called Dharmachakra Mudra which is the gesture of Teaching. Literally, Dharma means “Law” and Chakra means wheel and usually interpreted turning the Wheel of Law. It is also a gesture of hands exhibited by Lord Buddha while preaching his first sermon at Sarnath. Vairocana is a celestial buddha who is often interpreted, in texts like the Avatamsaka Sutra, as the dharmakaya of the historical Gautama Buddha. In East Asian Buddhism, Vairocana is also seen as the embodiment of the Buddhist concept of sunyata. In the conception of the Five Tathagatas of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, Vairocana is at the center and is considered a Primordial Buddha. Vairocana is not to be confused with Vairocana Mahabali, son of Virochana.

The mantra of Buddha Vairocana
Om amogha vairocana mahamudra manipadma jvala pravarttaya hum

~Excellent for home/office decor or meditation~
~Genuine 100% hand-painted from Himalayas~
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Dimensions 80 × 104 cm

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Vairocana Buddha Thangka Painting-毘盧遮那佛


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