Silk Brocade Mounted Milarepa Thangka Painting


Size =108cmx72cm~43Inchx29Inch
Material used = Cotton canvas, Natural pigment, Gold leaf, Silk fabric

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Silk brocading is a process of framing a Thangka in traditional Tibetan style. The frame is made of beautiful silk fabric having rich colors and patterns. The silk fabric protects the edges of the Thangka, and also makes it easier to hang. A thin silk cover protects the painting when rolled, and may be gathered up to display the painting when hung on the wall. It is generally thought that silk brocade renders a Thangka more attractive and more religious.

Milarepa was a Tibetan master, yogi, singer and poet who led an inspiring life of spiritual progress and human accomplishment. He was the great example of historical person to achieve enlightenment in one life time despite his heavy negative karma. In early stage of his life he learned and accomplished Bon practices, also he committed several murder due to which his possibility of liberation seems to be impossible. Later on he was extremely guilty on his previous actions and regret a lot. He was seeking peace and wandering everywhere. one day he knew that he should find a buddhist master(guru) in order to be in peace and liberate. He had very strong determination to purify himself. So he went to Master Marpa and asked to teach him buddha’s sutra and tantra, but master marpa saw that he was not the right recipient of Dharma. There was still a lot to purify before he give teachings to milarepa. Marpa saw that milarepa was very stubborn and not back from his decision. Marpa doubt about milarepa’s determination and he wanted to see if he is really determined or not. So, he asked to milarepa will you do everything that i ask for? milarepa said yes, then marpa asked milarepa to buid towers without any help from others. Milarepa worked so hard day and night without resting, he cried with hardship but he never let himself down he had so much devotion and trust in buddha’s teaching and the master marpa. he saw marpa as buddha in person even being so hard on him. After working so hard he completed 3 towers and came to master, but master said go and demolish all the three towers that you build, by thinking that as buddha’s command milarepa just back and stated to demolish everything that he built. after demolishing the towers, marpa was really really impressed from milarepa and his such stable determination. After that Marpa saw that milarepa is now right recipient for dharma , due to all the hardship, he was purified from bodily karma. then milarepa received all the teachings of sutra and tantra from master marpa and he lived his rest of his life as wandering yogi and got enlightened.
Milarepa is always the greatest example for tibetan people to inspire towards dharma( buddha’s teaching).

~Excellent for home/office decor or meditation~
~Genuine 100% hand-painted from Himalayas~
~✈Worldwide Shipping~
~Special price to thangka wholesalers and Traders~

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Silk Brocade Mounted Milarepa Thangka Painting


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