Wheel of Life Thangka Painting, Samsara – Handmade Tibetan Art for Decoration


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Size =54cmx44cm~21″x17″
Material used = Cotton canvas, Natural pigment, Gold leaf


Hub: the three poisons
The images in the hub of the wheel represent the three poisons of anger, ignorance and greediness.

Second layer: karma
One half-circle (usually light) shows contented people moving upwards to higher states, possibly to the higher realms.
The other half-circle (usually dark) shows people in a miserable state being led downwards to lower states, possibly to the lower realms.

Third layer: the six realms of samsara
The three higher realms are shown in the top half of the circle; the higher realms consist of the god realm, the demi-god realm and the human realm..
The three lower realms are shown in the bottom half of the circle; the lower realms consist of the hell realm, the animal realm and the hungry ghost realm.

The wheel is being held by a fearsome figure who represents impermanence. This figure is most commonly depicted as Yama, the lord of death. Regardless of the figure depicted, the inner meaning remains the same–that the entire process of cyclic existence (samsara) is transient; everything within this wheel is constantly changing.

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