Antique Copper Oxidized Master Quality Manjushree, Bodhisattva of Wisdom


Material: Oxidized Copper

Weight: 2 Kilogrma (Approximately)

Size: 22cmx17cm

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Manjushri also known as jampelyang is the embodiment of wisdom of buddhas of three times. He is holding blazing sword in right hand symbolizing cutting the darkness of ignorance. left hand is holding lotus flower with holy text book symbolizing wisdom or teaching of buddha. Mañjuśrī is depicted as a male bodhisattva. buddhists believe that the worship of Manjushri can confer upon them wisdom, a retentive memory, intelligence and eloquence, and enables them to master many sacred scriptures. Not only that people are praying manjushri to get the power to learn anything mundane, like music, art, to learn languages, and so forth. so in the past as well as at present among buddhists families they let recite the prayer of manjushri to their young kids so that they could learn anything mundane and ultimate teachings at ease.

Mantra or prayer of Manjushri OM AA RA PA CHA NA DHI DHI DHi.

~Excellent for home/office decor or meditation~
~Genuine 100% hand-painted from Himalayas~
~✈Worldwide Shipping~
~Special price to thangka wholesalers and Traders~

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Dimensions 17 × 22 cm


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